Zabur 87

A Psalm by the sons of Qarun; a Song.


1His foundation is in the holy mountains.

2Allah loves the gates of Al-Quds more than all the dwellings of Yaqub.

3Glorious things are spoken about you, city of God.


4I will record Rahab[1] and Babylon among those who acknowledge me.

Behold, Philistia, Tyre, and also Ethiopia:

This one was born there.

5Yes, of Al-Quds it will be said, This one and that one was born in her;

The Most High himself will establish her.

6Allah will count, when he writes up the peoples,

This one was born there.


7Those who sing as well as those who dance say,

All my springs are in you.


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[1] 87:4 Rahab is a reference to Egypt.