1 Samuel

In the Hebrew scriptures, 1 and 2 Samuel comprise one book by the name “Samuel.” They cover the period in the history of Bani-Israel from the days of the judges to the establishment of the dynasty of Dawud (pbuh) as kings over Israel. The main characters are Prophet Samuel (pbuh), King Talut, and the prophet-king Dawud (pbuh). Prophet Samuel (pbuh) was also the last of the judges. As the prophet of Allah, he appointed Talut (or Saul) as the first king of Israel. After Talut lost the moral right to be king because of his rejection of Allah’s word, Samuel (pbuh) appointed Dawud (pbuh) to be king in Talut‘s place. Also, Samuel (pbuh) was the first in a new line of the prophets, or “school” of prophets, which resulted in many notable prophets such as Prophet Ilyas and Al-Yasa (peace be upon them).

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