This portion of Al-Kitab takes its name from its author, Prophet Zephaniah (pbuh). He was a prophet of Allah during the reign of the Jewish king Josiah (640-609 B.C.). For historical background, see 2 Kings chapters 21 to 23, and the first few chapters of Armiya. Seven times in his short scripture, Zephaniah (pbuh) uses the phrase, “the day of Allah.” The main theme of his writing is Allah’s judgment on the disobedience of all nations in the day of Allah, i.e. the day of qiyamat. Zephaniah (pbuh) teaches that Allah is zealous to receive the worship he is due, but he is angry because of the idolatrous practices of his people. Allah will show everyone that he is a just judge, and that he will be victorious over the enemies of his people.

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