This section of Al-Kitab tells the story of Ruth, a woman from Moab (modern-day Jordan) who had married a Jew. It happens during the times recounted in the portion of Al-Kitab called Judges. Ruth was a godly woman with faith in the one true God. Her faith stands out like a shining light at a time when Bani-Israel was generally unfaithful to God. Another main character in this story is a man of Bani-Israel named Boaz. Boaz was related to Ruth because of her marriage. Ruth’s husband dies, and Boaz assumes responsibility for her needs because she is related. In the end, Boaz and Ruth get married and have a son. In the course of time, the son’s grandchild will be none other than Dawud (pbuh), the prophet through whom the Zabur was given, and who became a great king of Israel. Centuries later, Ruth would be named as one of the ancestors of ‘Isa Ibn Maryam, who is called al-Masih, the Messiah. See Matthew chapter 1 in the Injil (Ruth and Boaz are mentioned in verse 5).

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