This fifth section of the holy Taurat is also the last section of the writings of Prophet Musa (pbuh) often called the Pentateuch. There are approximately 80 quotations from Deuteronomy found in the holy Injil. By the time Bani-Israel finished wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, a whole new generation of children had been born and grown up. None of them were there when Musa (pbuh) led Bani-Israel out of Egypt. They were not there when Allah gave his shariahcontaining the special 10 commandments to Bani-Israel. So here in Deuteronomy, the laws given on the holy mountain many years before, are recited again by Musa (pbuh) to Bani-Israel. In addition, there are many new words from Allah for that new generation written therein. Now Bani-Israel was near to the land promised to their fathers by Almighty Allah. It was important that they understand clearly what Allah requires of them before they enter the new land. Also contained in Deuteronomy are the three last sermons of Prophet Musa (pbuh) given before his death. The final chapter contains the account of the death of Musa (pbuh). Perhaps as a prophet, he wrote it himself by inspiration of Allah. Perhaps the story was completed by his successor, Yusha (pbuh), who wrote the portion of Al-Kitab which comes after Deuteronomy, named “Yusha.”

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