Book I: 1-41

There are 41 chapters in this section and most are composed by Prophet Dawud (pbuh). Zabur 1,2,10 and 33 are anonymous but are usually attributed to Prophet Dawud. They reflect much of his life and understanding of the glory of Allah Rab al Alamin. In Zabur 9 Dawud speaks of the Lord as the God who has the power to deliver from the enemy. In Zabur 10, Dawud knows that Allah hears and answers prayer. Zabur 23 reveals Allah as the Great Shepherd who watches faithfully over His people. Prophet Dawud praises Him as the “King of Glory” in Zabur 24. The God who hates sin but loves those who trust in Him is seen in Zabur 36.

This section of the Holy Zabur relates to the Book of Genesis in the Holy Taurat. From the perfection of those who are blessed by Allah we are led to the Salvation of the Lord. Along the way we see the consequences of man’s fall into sin and his need for redemption. We see the depravity of man, and how great the love of Allah is towards the sinner. Dawud asks, “What is man” that Allah should pay any attention to him? (Zabur 8).

Every kind of emotion is revealed in these chapters; from suffering and sorrow to joy and praise. The prophet praises Allah for His justice and love in all of His dealings with man.

Zabur 1 sets the scene for this book, that is, the person blessed by Allah is the one who is obedient to His word, while the sinner rejects it and receives the Lord’s judgment. The closing thought of the section speaks of the blessed person as well (Zabur 41). Its doxology reads, “Praise be to Allah, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! Amen, and Amen”. We notice here the double Amen.


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